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Grinspoon whatever, whenever, wherever At All Ages NSS Show

whatever, whatever

Developing a sound and presence so permanently ingrained in the consciousness of Australian rock history, Grinspoon have proven time and again in recent years that the passion that drives their music remains as potent as ever. 

With 13 ARIA Award nominations to their name; over half a million records sold; countless Platinum accolades and a live reputation that is untouchable, Grinspoon’s impact is one that contemporary Australian rock bands can still find themselves observing as a blueprint of enduring success. 

From 1997’s seminal Guide To Better Living, the band proved their grit and durability early before doubling down with records like Easy (1999), New Detention (2002) and Thrills, Kills & Sunday Pills (2004). 

It is testament to the band’s chemistry, stretching over two decades, that the endurance of a band like Grinspoon has kept them at the forefront of conversations when it comes to Australia’s most dynamic and beloved live bands. 

Not content to let the fire for new inspirations or ideas fade away, the group has found themselves relishing a fresh and boisterous new creative chapter – one that has led to the creation of their first new studio album in twelve years: whatever, whatever 

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Posted May 27th, 2024
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Grinspoon whatever, whenever, wherever At All Ages NSS Show

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