Northern Sound System

Northern Sound System
The Northern Sound System (NSS) is the City of Playford’s youth music and creative industries facility located in the heart Elizabeth, South Australia.

Situated in Elizabeth, South Australia, NSS’ purpose is to provide artist development, live events, recording studios, rehearsal spaces, industry connection and audience development.

Our Live Music venue plays host to over 40+ live events each year providing live performance and promotion opportunities for artists, 1000+ volunteer hours and a training ground for certified lighting and sound operators, the entertainment industry and hospitality staff.

Housing a 420 capacity live music venue with state-of-the-art equipment, three  recording studios (small, medium and large), a co-work space for creatives and a live broadcast platform for people to create content for podcasts, YouTube, radio programs, twitch streaming etc.

Since opening our doors in 2007, NSS has been offering engaging and learning services and programs for the community, include DJ workshops, Hip Hop School, Youth Choir, industry-supported gaming and animation training, songwriting workshops and production courses supported by industry experts. 

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