Stream title 29.05.22

Playback 808

Playback 808 is an Adelaide-based independent record label and multifaceted creative movement.

Founded in 2011 by Gabriel Akon, the imprint is home to some of the best rappers and lyricists in the Australian underground scene including DyspOra, Eman, ELK, NeSs, AJAK, Majiik, Sean Russ, and Lord Levi.

The talent heavy sonic emporium produces an eclectic mix of hip-hop, rhythm & blues, and neo-soul music from their headquarters down under.

With strong socio-political views & experiences, the Playback 808 sound is sonically refreshing but also a vestige of rap’s purest form & a compass towards a renewed golden age.

A testament of the supreme power of dynamic group collaboration and a dose of friendly competition, the Playback 808 kingdom of young skilled MCs, producers, poets, directors and sonic activists is a preeminent force that will contribute to the growth of the culture across the Southern Hemisphere and beyond.

“Playback 808 are not afraid to do their own thing in Australia when everyone else is following trends” - KERSER.