Stream title 29.05.22

Mum Friends

Mum Friends is the heart project of Adelaide best pals Katie and Mia.

Mum Friends is crunchy guitars, breakneck drums and multi-part harmonies through signature dynamic shifts. Coming off of their sold-out debut single release Rails, they continue to relay the strenuous task of being in your 20s in the 2020s with their new release Woke Fuckboy.

Crowds have been yelling along since the band broke into the scene in December 2019, having since played alongside TOWNS, Teenage Joans, RAT!hammock, Cry Club and Hope D. Now lovingly supported by Vanessa Marousopoulos and Annie Siegmann this no man, no meat eating, all queer band solidified their place in the genre of "Australian Women Who Have F***ing Had It!"