Stream title 29.05.22

​Howl n Bones

Howl ‘n’ Bones are an eccentric four-piece band from Adelaide, South Australia.

Formed in 2015, Howl ‘n’ Bones take their inspiration from bands such as Uncle Acid and The Deadbeats, King Crimson, Primus, The Mars Volta, Black Sabbath, Led Zeppelin and The Who.

Howl ‘n’ Bones take a barrier-free approach to their sound, using elements of blues, funk and psychedelic rock to create a genre entirely of their own, aptly named “Scum Funk”.

Zane Ali (guitar) and Zack Bones (bass) create a heavy rock feel with their raw vocal style while Vincent Howl (lead guitar, backing vocals) and Joe “Quaker” Meria (drums) are an explosion of energy with some seriously catchy tunes and phenomenal stage presence, Howl ‘n’ Bones leave their audience eager for more.